Smart Telecom Launches New Customer Center In New Road

Image: Setopati

Smart Telecom- one of the most excellent telecom operators of the entire nation has opened its new Smart center in Pako, Newroad of Kathmandu.

Through the new Smart center, Smart Telecom will provide all of their services and information, said the official of Smart Telecom.

Chief administration officer, Sajin Rajbhandari did the inauguration of the new customer center. Since the center is located in the major area of the capital, it will be convenient for people for easy access to service and information from there.

Like NTC just recently Smart Telecom has also launched an offer entitled “Double your happiness.” As per this offer customers can obtain two SIM cards for the price of one SIM card at Rs 99. Both the SIM will include 1 GB data pack on it.

 Smart Telecom has 2G and 4G networks which are still expanding. Currently, Smart 4G network is only accessible in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

On August Smart telecom arrived with new branding. The company changed its logo, slogan, and communication. Previously, known as Smart Cell has switched into ‘Smart.’ The business runs under the theme “Your world your voice,” informed the company. Smart Telcom is the third largest telecom operator of a country.


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